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The School Field Renaming!

What was before called The School Field (the pitch at Aldeburgh Rugby Club) has been officially renamed to the Queen's Field!

Below is the official press release:

"At the end of 2019, a decision was taken by Aldeburgh Town Council to rededicate the land formerly known as the School Playing Field in Aldeburgh and name it Queen's Field. This seemed most appropriate given that it sits adjacent to King's Field which was a posthumous dedication made in 1937 to King George V, the Queen’s grandfather.

Representatives from the current tenant, Aldeburgh Rugby Club, together with members of Aldeburgh Town Council, led by the Mayor, Cllr Sara Fox, joined trustees of the Playing School Field in a brief, socially distanced unveiling ceremony yesterday morning.

The ribbon cutting was carried out by Lady Howes, Deputy Lieutenant, who was delighted that the town has honoured Her Majesty the Queen’s exceptionally long reign. She recognised that it has been a challenging year and  commented that ‘I feel it is important that there should be some good news to celebrate for everyone.’ She continued by expressing confide

nce that ‘everyone will get great enjoyment from using Queen's field in the future.’

The current restrictions meant that the ceremony involved fewer people than originally anticipated, but it is hoped that a wider celebration may be enjoyed, when permitted."

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