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Aldeburgh vs Brightlingsea Match Report

Aldeburgh v Brightlingsea

23rd November   King’s Field

Result: Aldeburgh: 12 Brightlingsea: rather more than 12

This season’s match reports have quickly gained a reputation for taking a positive approach.  Saturday’s match against league leaders Brightlingsea tested that approach. 

But let’s stick with it.  The Aldeburgh scrum was solid.  We won some line out ball (and lost some).  We made many tackles (and missed more).  We scored two tries, the first, at the end of the first half, was touched down by Dan Collett after a kick over the top and the second, early in the second half, by second row Michael Dearing after bursting through.  In his excitement at being over the line without a hand on him, he nearly dropped the ball.  Now that would really have tested the positive approach.

In consolation, Brightlingsea’s performance demonstrated clearly why they deserve to top the league.  Their forwards rucked aggressively, winning many turnovers.  Their backs ran hard, straight and strong with moves that they executed with speed and precision.  Aldeburgh had no answer to their speed and power.

The game had been preceded by an excellent VP lunch.  No consolation for the players but it did mean that Aldeburgh’s tries got the loudest shouts of the day.

The most heartening moment of a difficult afternoon came as the last of the Brightlingsea supporters were about to leave the club house (after a splendid match tea).  One of their older members addressed a tired group of Aldeburgh players saying: “We were where you are two years ago.  Keep at it.  It will come good.”  He went on to say: “We know it can be difficult to get a full side at times like this so when you come to us for the return fixture later in the season, bring as many players as you can.  We will make sure that you get a game.”  We may have lost a match, but we are still part of a great rugby community.


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