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Aldeburgh v Mistley Match Report

Aldeburgh v Mistley

15th February   King’s Field

Result: Aldeburgh 7 – Mistley 49

A tough match in difficult conditions

Credit to both clubs for completing a tough encounter in the difficult conditions created by Storm Dennis.  In addition, Aldeburgh had to contend with playing the whole match with one fewer player than the opposition.  Despite that, it was a competitive, hard-fought match played in a good spirit.

The first half was one of Aldeburgh’s best of the season.  A couple of new players slotted in well in the back line.  Playing directly against the gale made it difficult to exit their own half but, perversely, it appeared to make passing more controllable.  It was 15 minutes before Mistley’s extra player enabled them to score the first try.  At half time it was 21-0 with high hopes for the second half with the wind behind us.

Somehow, Aldeburgh were never able to make best use of the conditions.  One kick did roll to a halt within a foot of the dead ball line to take play from Aldeburgh’s 22 to a drop out in the Mistley 22, but several just kept on rolling which took play straight back to the Aldeburgh half.  A try early in the second half gave Aldeburgh some hope but it was not enough.

As well as starting the game a player short, a couple of injuries removed key players.  Although Mistley generously provided a couple of subs, it was too disruptive.  Both loan players had good games, despite the comment from one of their team when the player put his Aldeburgh shirt on back to front: “That’s why we’ve given him to you.”

Rupert Clogg had another good game, this week at scrum half but still wearing his trademark scrum cap.  It was noted by the Mistley captain who, when asked to nominate Aldeburgh’s player of the match, said it should be: “That snaky little f***er in the cap.”  I can’t add to that.

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